MSO Special Report: Inside Lynn Community Health – Treating Opioid Addiction – Four Doctors Discuss In Radio Feature

LYNN – (Radio Feature) For a team of doctors working at Lynn Community Health, the increased awareness sparked by the national dialogue on opioid abuse and interventions is welcomed attention to a critical health risk for all families. In this radio feature Bill Newell discusses the magnitude of the problem in Lynn and some of the interventions / treatments patients in Lynn are receiving from Lynn Community Health. This is the first of a two part series with four doctors from Lynn Community Health.

Dr. Kiame J. Mahaniah – Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Kelly Holland – Primary Care Physician

Dr. Kimberly Roberts-Schultheis – Addictions Psychiatrist

Dr. Mark Alexakos – Chief Behavioral Health Officer

Special Report – Radio Feature

Lynn Statistics

-In 2015 there were 54 opioid-related deaths in Lynn, up from 38 in 2014.  This represents 6% of those in the entire state of MA.

-In 2016 to date there have been 19 opioid-related deaths in Lynn.

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