MSO Radio OnDemand: Connections – to Cape Ann, West Virginia, Alabama, California, and the Cosmos

CONNECTIONS – Today we’ll talk with Gloucester Times reporter Mary Markos about recent Cape Ann news stories; Heather Atwood of Food for Thought will update us with numbers 11 and 10 in the Top 50 Countdown of World’s Best Dishes and she’ll preview the Mid-Term Podcast’s Two Moms’ visit to Charlottesville next week; and we’ll chat with Barbara Vance of The Big Picture Science Show who brings us up to speed on what’s happening at the SETI Institute.

Connections OnDemand


Interview with Mary Markos


Interview with Heather Atwood


Interview with Barbara Vance


Big Picture Science Radio Show: Born Legacy

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ENCORE  We know how the stars shine, but how do you make a star?  We take an all-night ride on a high-flying jet – an airborne NASA observatory called SOFIA – to watch astronomers investigate how a star is born.

As for how the universe was born, we know about the Big Bang but modern physics suggests that similar cosmic explosions may be happening all the time, and even hint that we could – in principle – create a new universe in a laboratory.  What does this mean, and how could we do it?

From stars to universes, how it all came to be.


  •  Zeeya Merali – Journalist and editor for the Foundational Questions Institute, author of A Big Bang in a Little Room: The Quest to Create New Universes
  • Nick Veronico – Manager of SOFIA Communications for NASA Ames Research Center and Universities Space Research Association
  • Felix Reimann – Freelance photographer
  • Huub Rottgering – Director of Leiden Observatory, The Netherlands
  • Dietmar Lilienthal – Manager, DLR SOFIA Institute, Germany
  • Cornelia Pabst – Astronomer, Leiden Observatory, The Netherlands
  • Charlie Kaminski – Engineering and Maintenance Manager, SOFIA
  • David McAllister – Deputy Program Manager for Operations, SOFIA, NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center

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